Thursday, 2 January 2014

In My Garden ... in January

Welcome to Watching My Garden Grow in 2014!

In my garden ... in January the raised garden bed is thriving! It's come a long way since October!

In my garden ... in January we are picking masses of fabulous vegetables! This bounty includes silverbeet, kale, beans, mini lebanese eggplant, lebanese cucumbers, tomatoes,  bell capsicums and banana capsicums.

In my garden ... in January we're waiting for the Blackjack zucchini, sweetcorn and Kentucky climbing beans to come into production.

In my garden ... in January we are repairing our fence blown over in the extreme winds that followed Adelaide's hottest December day in 82 years when the temperature reached 43.4 degrees Centigrade.

In my garden ... in January we are picking bunches of basil and making Basil Pesto. Dribbled over brushetta or forked through pasta it is superb!

In my garden ... in January the mini Lebanese eggplant is bearing prolifically. We've already picked more than 20 fruit from this single bush!

In my garden ... in January I've planted Laurentia along the front fence. I've struggled to find a plant that will thrive in this hot, dry part of the garden - so with plenty of TLC and mulch I'm hoping this plant with its pretty purple star shaped flowers will be successful!

In my garden ... in January I shared the few peaches on the peach tree this year the brightly coloured rosella parrots! I hope they enjoyed them as much I did!

In my garden ... in January my previously sulky rose is in full bloom! It's a Tequila Sunrise - the flowers are almost a fleuro pink-red shade. Amazing!

Over the Garden Fence

Was this the best Christmas Tree in Adelaide? I spotted it in a nearby street, and fell in love with it!

And, speaking of Christmas our family and assorted friends enjoyed a glorious Christmas Day in my brother-in-laws garden. It was beautiful! Thanks, Con!

What are you watching grow in your garden in January?



PS: I welcome you to join me in this series - showcasing your garden and your part of the world. All you need to do is to leave your  blog name, URL, and a comment in my comments box. If your post meets In My Garden requirements I will add your name and blog link to my sidebar. You will need to link your post to this post.

I so look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy your gardening!

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