Monday, 14 July 2014

In My Garden ... in June

We've spent the last few weeks away from our garden whilst we renovate our Coffin Bay beach house. On a flying visit back home for a few days this is how we found the garden!

Blooming Camilla

The camilla is still blooming. From the number of spent blossoms around the tree it has been flush with flowers this year.


The cliveas - given to me by my late mother - are also coming to the end of their flowering.

Oranges and Lemons

The oranges are ready for picking. They are sweet and succulent!

This dwarf Meyer lemon has a good crop of lemons this year. After being replanted from a pot the tree has struggled for a couple of years but seems to have finally taken off.

Spring Onion Giants

The spring onions - planted from a bunch purchased at the supermarket - have grown into giants since we've been away!

Micro Climates in the Garden

The Capitol Pear trees in the front garden have dropped their leaves, while those in the back garden are holding onto theirs. I'm wondering if this due to the different micro climates in each of these two parts of the garden.

The Raised Bed Garden

From the raised bed garden - well and truly at an end - I still managed to pick some very small capsicums and chillies.

Rhubarb Crumble

The rhubarb is flourishing - and will finally become a crumble before the winter season ends!!!

Escapee Lettuce

This oakleaf lettuce is growing very nicely at the back step in our absence!

A Newcomer

Because we knew we were going to be away for an extended time we have rested the garden. The only vegetable I have planted this season is this single celeriac. I've not grown it before but we do love it as a winter vegetable. I hope it thrives on neglect! We'll see on our return!

Our Next Project

John dug up a clump of agapanthus to transplant into our Coffin Bay garden. These will be a start to renovating and redesigning that garden - one of our next projects!

How is your garden growing this season?

Happy Gardening!



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