Wednesday, 23 October 2013

In My Garden ... October

Recently on my food blog Apricot Tart, I participated in a monthly series named 'In My Kitchen' hosted by Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. I really enjoyed reading the blog posts of contributing bloggers from around the world,and contributing my own. It really got me thinking about the importance and value of sharing with others.

It has inspired me on both my retirement blog 'The Living Well in Retirement Challenge' and this blog to begin a monthly series documenting the special moments, happenings and meanderings in these areas of my life. I am grateful for the inspiration, Celia!

For my inaugral post here I have selected a range of headings to start me on recording watching my garden grow. What else would you add?

What's Blooming in My Garden

In my garden in October ... the roses are blooming! Adelaide has the perfect climate for growing roses so they are a feature of almost every garden. John and I recently planted seven standard roses along our front fence - four 'Remember Me' and three 'Tequila Sunrise'.

I am unfamilar with each of these roses but have to say I was quite taken with the name of the second! I don't mind the odd Margarita!!!

I'll let you know how they go - the roses that is!

What's Picking in My Garden

In my garden in October I've been picking broad beans and climbing peas. What bountiful crops they have proved to be! The broad beans just won't give up! They have grown to over 2 metres tall and just keep on producing- and despite the windiest October in years. I'm feeling guilty because I actually want them to finish - I need the area to plant some summer veggies!

Something New in My Garden

In my garden space is at a premium so in October John has built a raised garden bed in what has previously been an unusable section of the garden.

We had tried for years to grow a range of plants and vegetables in this area without success. All has been explained however - when recently digging a deep hole in which to plant a lemon tree we hit concrete - a large concrete slab in fact!

I've not used a raised bed before so I'm keen to see how it goes.

What I'm Planting in My Garden

In my garden in October I've begun planting summer vegetables. I have three different types of tomato growing pots - a grafted 'Mighty Red', a 'Nellie Kelly' and a euphemistically named 'Pot Tomoato'.

In the raised garden bed (above) are lebanese cucumbers that will hopefully climb up the trellis provided, silverbeet, capsicums, a lebanese eggplant and a chilli bush. Bush beans have been planted around the borders, while thyme and basil have been tucked into corners. I wonder if I should have researched companion planting first! We'll see how they go!

Something I'm Using in My Garden

In my garden in October I'm using sugarcane mulch on all my garden beds and potplants. A very long hot summer is predicted so keeping plant root systems cool and retaining as much soil moisture as possible will be important.

A Tool I am Using in My Garden

In October in my garden there has been plenty of digging to do! Our trusty garden fork has had a pretty good workout. I love the way it gently loosens and aerates the soil, and makes it easy to dig in compost and manures.

A Special Moment in My Garden

In my garden in October it was a special moment when the first buds of the Pierre de Ronsart climbing rose began to open. One of my favourite roses, it has flowers similar to those of old fashioned cabbage roses. We have four planted along our back fence. When in full bloom they are quite spectacular!

Over the Fence

Our lovely neighbours across the road have an impressive row of standard roses. My favourite is this one - Peace. It's magnificant - I'm sure you'll agree!

How's October been in your garden? I would love to hear about it!



Monday, 21 October 2013

Welcome to Watching My Garden Grow!

Welcome to 'Watching My Garden Grow!

I'm Marian and, newly retired, I now have time to indulge my love of gardening!  I grew up on a farm and consequently have a love of everything outdoors. I am not an expert gardener by any means - I am instead a home gardener with lots to learn! ! My 'green thumb' is, at the moment, more rusty coloured than green I think! 

Together with my wonderful husband, John, I live in a Adelaide, South Australia - the rose capital of Australia - on a smallish suburban block of land. I have a second garden at our beach house at beautiful Coffin Bay, Eyre Peninsula  - a seven and a half hour drive away.

In South Australia we enjoy a moderate Mediterranean type climate with hot dry summers and cool winters during which we recieve most of our rainfall. South Australia is famous for being 'the driest state in the driest continent on Earth'. This, naturally, brings a range of challenges to the home gardener.

In my retirement it is my aim to produce and use as much home grown fruit, vegetables and herbs as we can so that we

  • are able to live a more sustainable lifestyle
  • have an abundance of fresh seasonable produce to support a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • enjoy the many benefits of exercise while gardening
  • top up important Vitamin D levels by enjoy some regular sunshine in the great outdoors
  • are able to share our garden and its produce with family and friends.

Please join me in my adventures 'watching my garden grow'!

I'm off now to smell the roses. Oh, and check for aphids!



PS: I'd be thrilled should you share with me how your garden is growing - no matter where it is
      in the world!