Monday, 21 October 2013

Welcome to Watching My Garden Grow!

Welcome to 'Watching My Garden Grow!

I'm Marian and, newly retired, I now have time to indulge my love of gardening!  I grew up on a farm and consequently have a love of everything outdoors. I am not an expert gardener by any means - I am instead a home gardener with lots to learn! ! My 'green thumb' is, at the moment, more rusty coloured than green I think! 

Together with my wonderful husband, John, I live in a Adelaide, South Australia - the rose capital of Australia - on a smallish suburban block of land. I have a second garden at our beach house at beautiful Coffin Bay, Eyre Peninsula  - a seven and a half hour drive away.

In South Australia we enjoy a moderate Mediterranean type climate with hot dry summers and cool winters during which we recieve most of our rainfall. South Australia is famous for being 'the driest state in the driest continent on Earth'. This, naturally, brings a range of challenges to the home gardener.

In my retirement it is my aim to produce and use as much home grown fruit, vegetables and herbs as we can so that we

  • are able to live a more sustainable lifestyle
  • have an abundance of fresh seasonable produce to support a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • enjoy the many benefits of exercise while gardening
  • top up important Vitamin D levels by enjoy some regular sunshine in the great outdoors
  • are able to share our garden and its produce with family and friends.

Please join me in my adventures 'watching my garden grow'!

I'm off now to smell the roses. Oh, and check for aphids!



PS: I'd be thrilled should you share with me how your garden is growing - no matter where it is
      in the world!

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