Sunday, 24 November 2013

In My Garden ... in November

My Local Area

In my garden ... in November I'm enjoying the beauty of the glorious jacaranda trees throughout Adelaide. I hadn't appreciated quite how many of these beautiful trees there are in our suburbs! I love their purple blooms and the purple carpet that develops underneath each tree as the delicate blossoms drop. This huge specimen is on Frederick Street, Maylands.

Through the Kitchen Window

In my garden ... in November the star jasmine is a pretty sight through the kitchen window.

What's Growing

In my garden ... in November the seedlings are being to grow! Unfortunately all but a couple of the bush beans seeds failed to germinate. I'll replant them when the weather warms up a bit more.

It's Five O'clock Somewhere!

In my garden ... in November my new standard roses are blooming! This one is 'Tequila Sunrise'. I do love that name! Margarita anyone?

Good Friends

In my garden ... in November the sweet corn and climbing beans I have planted together as companion plants are growing well. The idea is that the climbing beans will use the corn as their support structure and we will benefit from getting two different crops from the same patch of garden.

Growing at a Rate of Knots!

In my garden ... in November the ornamental pear trees - Pyrus 'Capital' - are growing rapidly! Planted as 1.2m trees they are now at least 1.6m tall. They will add shade and structure to the western side of our property.

A Promise for Next Year 

In my garden ... in November one of my favourite herbs - dill - is going to seed. I am allowing the seed heads to ripen and will be collecting the ripened seeds for next year's crop.

Against the Odds

In my garden ... in November the 'Royal Gala' apple tree has lots of new apples forming - despite a severe pruning and incredibly windy weather throughout flowering. Now to keep the birds from feasting on them!

Mellow Yellow and the Bees

In my garden ... in November the potted tomatoes are growing. I used an old yellow T-shirt torn into strips to form a support structure with the stakes. My grandfather believed that yellow in the garden helped attract bees. I'll see!

Passing on a Legacy

In my garden ... in November two of my grandsons and I organised a worm farm in a broccoli box. I still remember the little lessons taught to me in the garden by my grandfather who was a wonderful gardener in his retirement. I credit him with developing my interest in gardening - I hope I share some of his legacy with my grandchildren. These are our 'seed' worms.

Over the Fence

In my garden ... in November I am impressed with the bees attracted to this lavendar which tumbles through and over our neighbours fence. The perfume is heavenly! I love walking past it and would love to know what variety it is - the neighbours have long forgotten! Can anyone help me?

How's your garden growing in November!



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