Wednesday, 5 March 2014

In My Garden... In March

The Raised Garden Bed

While the plants have survived the heatwaves they have stopped producing - flowers are not setting fruit. As the weather cools I'm hopeful we will see a last flush of produce!

This bed has been so successful however, that I want another one! It's probably time that I broke that news to John!

What's Producing in My Garden

Elsewhere in the garden the zucchini are now flowering profusely - I just need a few more female flowers!

What's Blooming in My Garden

These candy striped petunias have flowered profusely since before Christmas. With regular watering they have coped with the extremes of weather we have experienced over the last weeks.

What the Heat Frizzled!

I've been growing a most beautiful quince from seed. It had done really well until the last blast of heat in the last heatwave. Hopefully it will recover with some TLC!

Oh, the Weather!

Not only have we had heatwaves - between them we've also had flooding rains here in Adelaide! The picture is of the River Torrens which is nearby.


These little guards foiled the birds! They had previously picked the juicy stems of the Laurentia plants off at the base. Clever idea, John!

 A Success!

This white eggplant is growing very happily in a large pot. This is our first fruit almost ready to pick!

The Rhubarb is Teasing Me!

These gorgeous red stalks continue to tease me every day! My mantra has become 'I must stay strong! I must stay strong!'

Over the Garden Fence

This gorgeous sunflower is growing in a garden nearby. It is gi-normous! Is that a word? I am inspired to plant some next season!

A Budding Gardener

Charlie - gorgeous grandson Number 3 - is a budding gardener! He loves his rake and gardening gloves - and helping with watering the plants! Pretty cute isn't he!

How's your garden growing this month? What are you doing to prepare for the next season? 

Do share your plans with me! Happy Gardening!



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